Founder President Of AlHashmi Educational Trust Hazrat Syed Muhammad Tanveer Hashmi said"Lets Use Our Zakat For Education, Health Care and General Welfare"

"Allah (SWT) has blessed us with the Holy Month of Ramazan. This is the month when Muslims all over the world give their annual Zakat.""Zakat is a divine concept with a lot of apparent and hidden benefits. Zakat is a universal system of eradicating poverty, helping people and checking the wealth gap between rich and poor"
"There is no other religion in this world which has such system in place and made it compulsory for its followers to give a certain percentage of their wealth to poor"
"The system of Zakat can be used to help the community in numerous ways. And in todays scenario the most prominent of them would be to use this for Education because Education is the only weapon through which we can change the world."
" A systematic use of Zakat for Education can make a monumental difference in society."
"I would appeal you to use your Zakat/Charity for supporting Education, Healthcare and Geneal Welfare of poor and needy people in our community"
"May the virtuous effects of Ramazan remain with us throughout the year and beyond and may Allah Bless us with more of such opportunities to contribute our bit and invest in the hereafter, Aameen!"

Your Donation will Help the Islamic institutions and poor children education Islamic social activities.

Remember no amount is small which is spend for ALLAH's way.

Please help our Ongoing Projects at Jamia Hashimpeer Campus.

You Can give your Zakat, Fitrah Sadaqa

For Indian Donors – Every 1 Rupee Makes a Difference

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