Jamia Hashimpeer Campus

The city of Bijapur has been leading center of Sufi’s, Saints & Savants. During the reign of Adil Shahi Dynasty it attracted a large number of Sufi Saints, Poets, Artists & Architects of high eminence.(984-1056 H)

Hazrath Hashimpeer who represents the glorious tradition of Quadri-Shuttari Sufi order came to Bijapur on specific instructions from the Prophet of Islam. He was brought up in a highly scholastic atmosphere under the influence of Sayedna Wajhuddin Hussaini Gujrati, popularly known as Haider Ali Sani. It was during the rule of Ibrahim Adil Shah-II when Hazrath Hashimpeer arrived in Bijapur and it was his influence on the Adil Shahi dynasty that transformed the dynasty which was following Un-Islamic and Heretic practices.

The world famous Gol-Gumbaz owes its completion to Hashimpeer who gifted his 10 years life to his disciple Sultan Muhammed Adil Shah.

Jamia Hashimpeer which is being developed under the spiritual guidance and patronage of Hazrath Hashimpeer, greatly fills the void in imparting religious education of high standard.

Jamia Hashimpeer is established on seven acre plot of land and a beautiful building has been Constructed Completely. Apart from imparting religious education, arrangements have also been made in imparting modern and technical education to cope up with the changing demands.

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